Biased? B'Tselem video
Photo: Courtesy of B'Tselem
'Settlers are provoced.'
Photo: Courtesy of B'Tselem

War of stones – the settlers' version

(Video) After claiming Sunday's violent clash with Palestinians was tendentiously edited in B'Tselem video, Itzhar settlers present their own footage showing Palestinian cameraman hurling stones – while filming event

VIDEO- Settlers from Itzhar on Tuesday distributed a video showing Palestinians from the village of Burin, south of Nablus, throwing stones at settlers during Sunday's violent clash.


Following the incident, settlers on Monday claimed that a Palestinian cameraman "filming the event with one hand and hurling stones with the other," directed the Palestinian mob to the scene. And in fact, their video shows a cameraman directing Palestinians and later on hurling rocks as well.


"This is not the first time that we are being accused of lies," a settler from Itzhar told Ynet on Tuesday. "B'Tselem gives the Palestinians cameras, and they create provocations, film the event from a particular angle and edit it to make it look as though the settlers are abusing the poor Palestinians.


"It is convenient for the leftist organizations to present the residents of Itzhar as a group of radicals, but this is part of their mendacious conduct and their greater goal aimed against the State of Israel and the IDF," the settler added.


The Itzhar resident noted that these organizations employ the same method of "launching a provocation and then presenting a biased view to the media," which they also used during Operation Cast Lead while assisting the Goldstone Report.



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Video distributed by settlers


'Provocations by extreme leftists'

An official at the Shomron Settlers' Committee, the group that published the recent video, stated: "We have been crying out for nearly two years to whomever is willing to hear us, that the vast majority of violent incidents in Judea and Samaria are provocations instigated by extreme leftists organizations, for the purpose of filming and distributing videos that are edited in a biased manner for the media.


"Israel's police forces and law enforcing authorities must cease their light-hand policies toward provocateurs from the extreme left, and must remove them from the area," the official exclaimed.


"What the Goldstone Report did to the State of Israel, the radical leftist organizations are doing to the settlement enterprise. The settlement of Itzhar has been subjected to sabotage and provocations for years, but this time B'Tselem were not the only ones documenting the event," noted Itzhar settlement spokesperson Avraham Binyamin.


B'Tselem stated in response: "Yesterday we published a video that documented the whole incident, in which dozens of masked settlers attacked a Palestinian house. B'Tselem clearly declared that Palestinians also hurled stones during this incident, and provided footage without hiding this fact. It is ridicules that settlers complain against B'Tselem, while they themselves provide a one-and-a-half minute edited video miraculously showing only Palestinians hurling stones."



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