Anarchist singing in the clip calling for murder of Ehud Barak
Defense Minister Ehud Barak - a target
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Video clip comes out against incitement

Following video threatening deputy state prosecutor, new youtube clip portrays incitement in Israeli society, containing archive footage with calls to murder Defense Minister Barak

Directly on the heels of a video clip inciting against the Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan, comes a new video protesting against incitement in Israeli society.


The clip, which was uploaded on youtube begins with archive footage of anarchists calling for the murder of Defense Minister Ehud Barak. The anarchists sing that "the son of a b*** (Barak) is a Nazi war criminal in the Nazi Zionist occupation regime" adding "he must be murdered". Barak isn't the only one the anarchists target: "Slaughter Knesset members and ministers, smash soldiers faces…burn synagogues".


It then goes on to quote left wing group Anarchists Against the Wall: "We are not with the enemy, we are the enemy" and "The State of Israel must be wiped off the map". The clip also showed news coverage of incidents from violent anarchist protests.


It ends with a message from the clip's creators: "We won't sit idly by as the face of our country is changing.


"We are concerned citizens who see Israel losing its sanity. The severe incitement is on both sides of the political sphere and we must come out against in full force. We oppose violence in any shape or form and of course, we aren't calling for the murder of Ehud Barak or Shai Nitzan. We just wanted to present the violent reality in which we live our lives," the group who issued the clip noted.


"We apologize if anyone was offended by our actions, but we saw no other way to share our message against the incitement and violence that are inundating the Israeli public discourse from all ends of the political spectrum."


Changing public discourse

They added: "We hope our message against incitement will help change the public discourse and help us make society less violent and more open to accepting a diversity of opinions in our complex society - before we are dragged into a civil war."


The deputy state prosecutor's has received a personal security detail following the publication of a clip calling for his murder. "Instead of defending the Israeli people from the Arabs, he covers for them and works with them against Jews", the clip stated.


Sources within the State Prosecution stated that "words can kill. The atmosphere surrounding Nitzan and the prosecution has been poisoned. The poison must be removed before it reaches frightening proportions."



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