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Lieberman good for Israel

Op-ed: We need someone like Lieberman who is not scared to speak the unpleasant truth

Avigdor Lieberman will not be remembered in our history books as the most successful diplomat we ever had around here; there is no dispute about that. An effective foreign minister is supposed to be a tie-wearing liar, while Lieberman has a populist tendency to present the naked truth precisely where it shouldn’t be done.


On the other hand, until Lieberman came around, the State of Israel attempted the opposite approach for years and that did not work either. Israeli diplomats with polished English smiled politely even when international hypocrisy was overwhelming. Foreign ministers bowed their heads in a sort of Jewish gesture in the face of any mediocre leader who wanted to reprimand us. Generally speaking, until Lieberman arrived we spoke politely yet nothing happened nonetheless.


Lieberman, the blunt settler with the heavy Russian accent, is in fact saying what everyone knows and does not dare speak. And I’m not only talking about the people who voted for him, but also about centrist and leftist individuals who make an extra effort to stay away from him, as if the truth is contagious.


Lieberman dared say at the UN general assembly that peace with the Palestinians will not prevail here in the next few years. Lieberman is the one who slammed Turkey for choosing to join forces with the Islamic terror axis, even though most Israeli officials’ public statements made it appear that Ankara is merely a confused friend.


We must of course not forget the current reason for the assault on Lieberman – the public discourse he provoked over the contribution made by radical leftist groups to de-legitimizing Israel in the world.


Any doubt Lieberman is right? 

Neutralize for a moment the media assault, the letters written by leftist leaders, the anti-Lieberman decrees, and examine his words based on their content. Does anyone in this country have any doubt that he’s right? I am not one of Lieberman’s supporters and I do not like many of his qualities and statements. His rhetoric is exaggerated and the police suspicions against him are problematic. Yet despite this, one cannot deny the truth he speaks.


The more we hear the voices of the herd characterizing his way as fascistic and men of letters addressing any proposal he makes as a case of McCarthyism, and the more we see politicians staying away from him because of the media attitude, it becomes clearer why we need Lieberman as part of Israel’s discourse. Just like a democratic state needs leftist organizations that operate lawfully in order to uncover unpleasant truths, it also needs the Lieberman model to sometimes remind us that the emperor has no clothes.



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