Escalating violence
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Looted store in Cairo
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Residents describe chaos, looting in Egypt

In conversation with Ynet, Cairo residents tell of escalating crime, violence. 'Thieves broke into my house, raped my daughter in front of me,' says local man. Despite gloomy picture, many say they will continue struggle until goal is achieved; 'It won't stop till Mubarak leaves,' says protester

The chaos in Egypt continues – violence and crime continue to escalate amid the popular uprising against President Hosni Mubarak and his regime.


Many businesses, houses and public buildings were looted and vandalized over the past few days, as some exploited the absence of police officers from the streets of the capital.


In a conversation with Ynet on Sunday, a Cairo resident described how intruders entered his home and terrorized his family.


"Thieves raped my daughter in front of my eyes, without showing mercy," Said Mahmoud said in tears.

"Unfortunately, thousands have exploited the situation in Egypt to break into houses. They steal everything; money, gold, clothes and even our underwear," he added.


The horrific incident, Mahmoud said, happened on Friday. "I sat with family members in my house, when suddenly a group of people standing outside called us politely and asked us to open the door. We didn’t respond, and they said they would break down the door if we don’t comply.


"My children started crying and begged me to call the police, but before I had time to do anything –they broke into the house," he recalled.


"They tied my sons and undressed my daughter, and a few of them started raping her in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I told them to take whatever they want and leave us alone, so they did, but also continued to rape her," he said.


Mahmoud claimed the act was perpetrated by prisoners who managed to escape jail during the riots. "These are people who are taking advantage of the situation in order to destroy the Egyptian people. These intruders later broke into other houses. The feeling is that instead of people protecting one another at a time like this, they are only using it to commit crimes."


'Won't stop 'till Mubarak leaves'

Meanwhile, determined protesters continued to flood city streets across Egypt. "We will not give up and fight until we drive out Mubarak. He ruined the Egyptian people with his dictatorship," Yunas Salah told Ynet.


Salah said that fighter jets were circling above the demonstrations, adding that he witnessed live ammunition being used against protesters – many of whom were injured.


"Their evacuation to the hospital is delayed because ambulances are having difficulty arriving at the scene.

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'Lived like animals for 30 years' (Photo: AFP)


"When we look up we see fighter jets, which are probably there to scare us. But this will not make us stop – on the contrary. This only gives us more power to continue on the right path until we have a clean and moral regime that cares for the good of the Egyptian people, and not for their private interests," he said.


Another protester, Sami Shuki, also described the complete chaos in Egypt, adding that the government's attempts to crush the protest will not stop him or those who share his vision.


"It won't stop until Mubarak leaves. We see the wave of burglaries spreading throughout Egypt. It's dangerous for the citizens, and therefore hundreds went out on the street to protect property and stores," he said.


Shuki claimed security forces were escalating their use of force against protesters. "If the regime does not grant the demands of the Egyptian people, the number of casualties and disasters will only rise. We've lived here like animals for 30 years, without respect, with complete disregard. Now our people are waking up and demanding their rights."



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