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'Galant took law into his own hands'

Attorney General Weinstein states in report obtained by Ynet that discrepancies were found in major general's testimony on his land dealings. 'Galant seized lands against regulations,' he wrote

Major General Yoav Galant took the law into his own hands, stated Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein in his report on Galant's land dealings, which was obtained by Ynet on Thursday.


According to the report, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss's recent inquiry into the Galant land affair found that there were discrepancies in the information that Galant submitted to the authorities.


Weinstein wrote in the report that Galant's claim that he has been working the land that was rented to him by the Israel Land Administration for many years is inaccurate. Weinstein noted that Galant appropriated the land for himself against regulations.


Addressing the allegations that Galant seized an additional 28 duman (roughly 7 acres) of land, Weinstein wrote that Galant's explanation is questionable. He added that Galant's family made illegal use of a pedestrian passageway for over six years, despite repeated requests from the authorities to stop.

Moreover, the inquiry found that a contractor that was hired by Galant planted olive trees on a land that did not belong to him.


'Galant's credibility in question' 

Weinstein found troublesome Galant's claim that the access passages to his home were paved in accordance with the instructions of the VIP Protection Unit's commander.


It was determined that Galant's driveway was built on public land and that the general made illegal use of it. The AG said his findings show that Galant obtained the moshav secretary's approval to use the land illegally.


"Galant did not act in accordance with the law, and did not do so even after he was approached by the relevant authorities," Weinstein wrote. "Someone who holds such a senior position in the army and eyes an even more senior post is expected to abide by the law," he wrote.


"The general's behavior…Is that of a person who on occasion takes the law into his own hands."


Weinstein asserted that the credibility of the person who is intended for the IDF chief of staff position is of utmost importance.


"The development of events raises real question marks when it comes to Major General Galant's actions," he wrote.



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