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Stop Gaddafi now

Op-ed: Enlightened world’s continued silence in face cold blooded genocide in Libya is horrifying

Stop him now, immediately, with full force, before it’s too late. The enlightened world must pursue Muammar Gaddafi, detain him, and not kill him right away. He must first be put on trial for cold blooded genocide. What Saddam Hussein, who killed thousands in Iraq, deserved, is also what “Colonel” Gaddafi deserves.


There is no forgiveness and there are no excuses: A man who hired mercenaries and paid them thousands of dollars a day in order to kill his own citizens, and who ordered Libyan Air Force planes to bomb the despaired, frustrated and unemployed people who hit the streets because they have nothing to lose must pay a heavy price.


The world’s silence in the face of the massacre is horrifying. Everyone saw the horrific images, yet it took the leaders four days to “be shocked,” and another day passed before they decided the time has come to resort to condemnations. Why the hell are you indifferent? Just give him the chance, and Gaddafi will murder the entire six million. Does that remind of you something?


This is not the first time the madman from Tripoli imposes terror on the global front by threatening to curb the supply of oil. This is also not the first time he has murdered miserable souls without thinking twice. This time he crossed all the red lines.


Listen to the leader who refers to the wretched souls in his own country as “dogs,” sends his son to threaten that worse bloodshed is yet to come, and swears that “you will be crying for 100,000 dead.” Believe Gaddafi; he means every word.


Look at the bodies

And what about the enlightened world? It maintains a scary silence. They sit by idly and nobody stands up and stops the madness. They read the reports and engage in pathetic calculations of how to peacefully navigate through the terrible tragedy that is taken place in broad daylight, and at night.


Listen to them, to the miserable Libyans who speak on al-Jazeera and cry for the world to “come and save us.” Listen to the two pilots who refused orders to murder and escaped to Malta. Stop reading the intelligence reports, listen to the testimonies, and look at the bodies lying on the streets with nobody there to pick them up.


There is no reason to show forgiveness to a leader who calls his own people “dogs” and forbids hospitals to treat bleeding patients hurt by him. Come out against him with full force, and don’t convene emergency sessions in order to inform the cameras that you are siding with the Libyan people. If you really are siding with them, put a quick end to the massacre and don’t let Gaddafi escape. Give the colonel what he deserves: A court-martial and a bullet in the head.



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