Hanoch Daum
Photo: Rafi Deloya

These are not humans

Op-ed: Israel must kill inhumane terrorists on Palestinian side before they kill our children

Are they members of the family of nations at all? Would a human being stab a three-month-old baby girl in her sleep and kill a tender four-year-old child sleeping peacefully in his bed next to his parents’ bedroom?


And until when will communities like Itamar be so vulnerable to any terrorist who wishes to kill Jews? How much cruel terror will this battered community continue to sustain, a community that is still licking the wounds of the last Intifada?


This is the worst terror blow of all: Eliminating the parents and some of their children, thereby leaving several siblings along in the world, without a future and without hope.


The community enlists for the cause, remaining family members pull together, and the State also tries to offer its help. But those who follow families that faced a similar fate know the bitter truth: It is very difficult and maybe impossible to recover from such tragedy.


What can we tell a 12-year-old girl who runs over to the neighbors’ house late at night to let them know her family was butchered? What can we explain to her? What kind of comforting words can we come up with after such pogrom is perpetrated?


Regardless of our diplomatic vision, security must be above all else. We can keep talking at length about painful concessions, but as long as on the other side we have blood-thirsty psychopaths capable of knifing an 11-year-old child, a four-year-old boy, and a baby who was just born, such talk would mostly be futile.


We have to recognize the following fact: Inhumane elements exist in the other camp. These are terrorists that Israel must eliminate, before they kill our children.



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