Fogel family funeral
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Execute modern-day Nazis

Op-ed: Itamar massacre identical to Nazi killings, murderers should get the death penalty

I believe that the murderers of the Fogel family should be executed, without hesitation.


It’s clear that just like almost everyone else in Israel, I too am not at peace with a broad death penalty provision for murder, if only for the reason that investigators, prosecutors and judges may err and sentence a person who did not commit the crime to death.


However, in the case of the murder in Itamar I have no problem with the death penalty whatsoever. Creatures that are able to face young children and a baby girl, look at them, and stab them to death in cold bold must pay for their actions with their life.


The murderers in Itamar are not human beings and are even worse than predators. After all, most predators only kill when they’re hungry – while those who stabbed the Fogel family drew pleasure and satisfaction from their acts. What we saw in Itamar was not just another terror attack, but rather, an execution based on inhuman motives.


Until the day of the terrible murder I innocently believed that only the animals of the SS – just like many Germans and quite a few Poles, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians and so on – could treat Jews in such brutal, animalistic way during the Holocaust.


Now I understand that today too, creatures that lack any hint of conscience or humanity do exist. And if the democratic and liberal State of Israel has a death penalty law only for cases of crimes against Jews during the Holocaust, we can certainly include the murder in Itamar under this provision.


While this murder was committed more than 65 years after the Holocaust, it’s completely identical to the actions committed by the Germans and therefore is commensurate with the spirit of lawmakers in Israel at the time.


When these despicable murderers are caught – and they will be caught, sooner or later – Israel’s judges will sentence them to several life terms. This would not satisfy me and I assume it would not satisfy the overwhelming majority of Israel’s citizens. Moreover, these killers will not end their life in prison anyway, as they will be freed in some kind of swap later on.



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