Narrow-minded. Gaddafi
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Test case. Saddam after his capture
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Keep Gaddafi in power

Op-ed: Saddam example showed West that Arab states may be worse off after tyrants’ removal

It’s not as tough I like this man or have some kind of emotional connection to him and therefore wish to spare him. I only wish to spare his oppressed citizens. I do like his dresses and sense of fashion; the man would fit in well with Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene. Indeed, the city was overrun by Gaddafis during Purim as a last gesture to the tyrant, highlighting his value as a cultural icon.


Yet as a leader, Muammar Gaddafi is most certainly not of the type I favor: He is a narrow-minded desert dictator that has ruled for too many years, and hence, just like any executive or oligarch, has become a total fool due to his power and the absence of any boundaries. He has turned into a tireless chatterbox and possibly into a man who downs passenger flights.


Journalists who were sent to interview him were left to wait in their hotels for months until they were sent back. Female interviewers had a better chance, and Italian female journalists were indeed attracted once upon a time to a ruler who was handsome in his youth, but has since turned into a funny-looking Botox grandma.


Israel’s own Rafael Haddad was held in a Libyan prison for a while. In short, Libya is a bad place for free people.


Who will replace Gaddafi?

Nonetheless, I object to the assassination of this man by the West. I am against assassination by cruise missiles, against blind killing by British or American jets, and against Tomahawk missiles that the West pulls out of its emergency warehouses once in a while in order to refresh its arsenal.


I object to killing for the sake of prevention of killing. I am against smart bombs fired at stupid states by foolish Western rulers who don’t care about what will happen the following day.


After all, who will be replacing the old fool? Will we see the emergence of a Western puppet that would push Libya into Iraq-style chaos and bloodshed? Will we see the emergence of violent gangs that take control of everything? Will a new militia take matters into its own hands under the auspices of Sarkozy, Queen Elizabeth and Obama, making the Libyans long for the idiot in the dress?


Saddam Hussein was a test case, and what’s happening in Iraq now is worse than what was happening there before. Hence, it may be better to impose a blockade, press and threaten, but not to bring a new Libyan ruler to power under the sword of Christianity.



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