Judge Richard Goldstone. 'You sold your soul to the devil without noticing it'
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Assaf Wohl
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Goldstone, the useful idiot

Op-ed: Judge Goldstone should realize he was used as kosher stamp for anti-Israel blood libel

Your honor, Judge Goldstone:


So now you’re showing regret. To your surprise, you discovered that Hamas did not undertake any probe into rocket attacks on Israel. Allow me to reassure you on this front; Hamas happened to undertake a thorough investigation, believe me – a probe aimed at improving its ability to hit civilians.


Hamas also probed your report in depth and is using it effectively. The group’s leaders realized that the report you drafted will tie Israel’s hands and prevent it from utilizing its full force against terrorists.


Justice Goldstone, I have no way to explain your actions. After all, as opposed to anarchists and other suicidal activists on behalf of global evil, you are not some kind of zealous hippie. You are a reasonable man, an experienced judge who saw a thing or two in his life.


Are you comfortable with the realization that people who hand out candy to celebrate the slaughter of children are making use of the propaganda manifest you wrote for them? Besides, Hamas did not bother to hide. It declared and is still openly declaring that it will do everything in its power to harm Jewish civilians. Please read the Hamas charter, it’s all there.


It’s hard to ignore the fact that’s you’re Jewish. You admitted that this adds another dimension to the matter. Indeed, one hell of a dimension. The reason you were chosen as the “perfect” candidate by those who sent you is your descent. That way, nobody would accuse you of being anti-Semitic. In fact, you constituted the kosher stamp for this blood libel.


I therefore ask again: Why did you do it? After all, you’re no idiot. Perhaps a bit of a useful idiot. Just like many global leftist activists who turn a blind eye to reality. You’re simply exploited. You sold your soul to the devil without noticing it.


Culture of guilt

Your honor, it’s hard to ignore the high percentage of Jews afflicted with the same useful-idiot symptoms. Why is that so?


I’m afraid that some of our finest members adopted a “culture of guilt.” After all, the religion you and I share obsessively deals with conscience and morality – confessions, apologizes, and calls for forgiveness. We then see the self-depreciation of Diaspora Jews who have no independent national spine. They are only able to view themselves through the eyes of the nations that constantly criticize them.


The Europeans have no qualms about expelling foreigners who invaded their countries without batting an eyelash. They are self-confident, these Europeans. Neither they nor the Americans hesitated to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, and whatnot. And why are the Belgians bombing Libya? It appears that for them, pangs of conscience are rarer than pedophilia.


So now you’re showing regret. Without an ounce of cynicism, I will say that I appreciate it. It would have been easier for you not to admit your mistake. However, we cannot ignore the immense damage you caused thus far. I hope that you showed better judgment when you approved executions during your term as judge in South Africa.


Yet in order to gain something positive from this affair, I came up with the idea of proposing a new dictionary entry that will enrich our vocabulary. Here goes:


Goldstonism – Noun. Named after Jewish Judge Richard Goldstone, who drafted an anti-Israeli report utilized by global Islam’s propaganda in its war against the democratic Jewish state. Definition: The term refers to the ability to maneuver a person in a way that serves totalitarian ideologies by utilizing a collective sense of guilt and turning him into a “useful idiot.”



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