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Some 200 EUREKA projects approved since Israel took leadership
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Europe R&D leaders meet in north Israel

EUREKA's representatives from 40 countries agree to invest €134 million in industrial initiatives across Europe, approve 89 project proposals

Assembled in Haifa and Nazareth for the third event held in Israel under the EUREKA Chairmanship year, EUREKA's national delegates on Monday approved a series of promising cooperative R&D projects in a variety of areas, including renewable energy, agrofood technology, biotechnology, physical and exact sciences, IT and electronics, industrial manufacturing, and more.


During the EUREKA meeting, EUREKA’s decision-makers approved 89 innovative projects aimed at developing marketable products and solutions through the EUREKA and Eurostars programs, totaling €134 million (about $194 million) of investment.


This includes 71 projects endorsed through the Eurostars program, a joint initiative of EUREKA and the European Commission which supports small and medium sized R&D intensive companies.


Fourteen of the 89 approved individual EUREKA and Eurostars projects have Israeli partners – representing almost 16% of the total. Israel is only one of 40 member countries in EUREKA but represents just under one-fifth of the individual project proposals approved during this meeting.


Since Israel took the leadership of EUREKA, nearly 200 EUREKA projects have already been approved, totaling more than €280 million ($405 million) of private and public investment.


EUREKA delegates, representing over 40 countries, gathered at the meetings to promote industry, technology, R&D, and international cooperation through funding and partner-matching.


On a yearly basis, EUREKA supports more than 300 collaborative projects in a variety of industries, totaling over €1.5 billion ($2.17 million). These industrial projects match up partners from two or more member countries – including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large industry, and research institutes.


Projects can be launched in virtually all industry fields and technological areas – IT, manufacturing, water technologies, communications, biotechnology and energy, among others. EUREKA initiatives look to meet challenges such as climate change, energy security, and limited water resources.


Israel one of most active participants

During this meeting of the EUREKA Network, a special emphasis was placed on highlighting cooperation opportunities with local high-tech companies and technological incubators in the Galilee.


Matimop – the Israeli Industry Center for R&D, implements the Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship program on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. Dr. Eli Opper – former Chief Scientist, is the chairman of the EUREKA High Level Group (HLG) and Israel Shamay, Matimop’s Executive Director for European Programs, is the chairman of the National Project Coordinators (NPC).


The Israeli leadership of EUREKA provides an opportunity to showcase Israel’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. With over 3,800 technology-based start-up companies, innovation has become a key factor in the country's economic stability and success – assets reflected in its participation in EUREKA projects.


From all of EUREKA's 40 member countries, Israel is actually one of EUREKA's most active participants, partnering in more than 10% of the overall portfolio of EUREKA projects. The chairmanship provides enormous opportunities for Israeli and European companies and highlights Israel's unique contributions to European innovation and R&D.



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