Abbas. To use UN's 'Iron Dome'?
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Tough days ahead for Bibi

Op-ed: After two years of futile talks, Netanyahu expected to face heavy international pressure

The report drafted by United Nations envoy to the Middle East Robert Serry provides the Palestinians with an “Iron Dome” that promises them UN assistance in establishing an independent state.


However, if I were Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, I would not be using this blanket, provided by the UN coordinator.


A sovereign state will not grow out of the UN’s “Iron Dome.” Moreover, as opposed to the prevailing estimations, nothing substantive will be happening on the ground even if 150 states recognize Palestine in line with the 1967 borders.


However, even if the process does not culminate in the creation of a Palestinian state, one thing is clear: Throughout this process, the world will embitter the life of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and make him bleed.


On Tuesday, the International Quartet indeed caved in to American pressure and renounced the intention to declare its support for the establishment of a Palestinian state, yet Netanyahu cannot count on this American veto later on.


The opposite is true in fact: The US Administration has sanctioned an “all-out assault” on the Israeli prime minister.


The Americans are encouraging the Europeans and others to push Netanyahu against the wall. The prime minister is being presented as a rejectionist who is unwilling to work towards the finalization of an agreement with the Palestinians. We can assume that any proposal presented by the prime minister in the coming months in an effort to push back the international pressure will get the cold shoulder from the Europeans.


The explicit expectation to be voiced in Europe, with the encouragement of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will focus on a demand for Netanyahu to make a public statement regarding Israeli willingness to withdraw to the 1967 borders, with minimal border adjustments.


After two years of futile talks, credible sources are saying that President Obama is no longer willing to buy a used car from Netanyahu.



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