Fogel family's funeral. World starting to understand
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Raya Yaron. When will she get it?
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Leftists, Arabs and Chinaman

Op-ed: Leftists choose to ignore murderous Islamic sub-culture that prompted Itamar massacre

You may have also seen the appalling photograph of Machsom Watch spokeswoman Raya Yaron embracing the mother of one of the animals who murdered the Fogel family. Seemingly, it’s too easy to slam Yaron now: After all, when she hugged the woman and claimed that the army abused her for no reason, she didn’t know that the Fogel murderer indeed came from that home.


The question is then, would it be fair to criticize Yaron, even though she did not possess all the information when she was photographed with the killer’s mother? The answer, dear readers, is unequivocal: it’s fair.


And why is it fair? Because this precisely is the problem afflicting Yaron and her colleagues. They never possess all the information. They also don’t bother to elicit it. Instead, they always accept the Palestinian narrative, automatically. In their view, the army always conducts itself like a violent thug. Always.


When there’s a roadblock at the entrance to Jerusalem that makes Arab students 15 minutes late for class, for Yaron and her friends this is meant to embitter the lives of Palestinians. They don’t care about any security considerations and no terrorist nabbed in that roadblock on the way to carrying out an attack would change their mind.


For the sake of simplifying this matter, and with all due respect to the nonsensical talk, the question at the root of this argument is simple: What has a higher priority for us, Palestinian welfare or the security of Israeli citizens?


The Chinese man did it

I have a friend who manages a large construction project. He employs some 20 Palestinians. After the Itamar attack, he asked them what they thought about it. Some of them strongly condemned it, while others claimed that it was all a media lie. This attack was not carried out by a Palestinian, they said.


Even now, after the terrorists were apprehended, these Palestinians claim that the attack was carried out by a Chinese laborer who had a dispute with the Fogel family. That Chinese man murdered the kids in their sleep. Besides, one Palestinian told my friend, you are killing children in Gaza, and that’s just as grave.


You are wrong, my friend told the Palestinian laborers. Israel is not killing children in Gaza. That’s what the media say, but it’s a blatant lie.


So who’s bombing Gaza then, the laborers asked. It’s the Chinese man, my friend replied. The Chinaman is bombing Gaza.


World starting to understand

The Left is eager to believe in the Palestinians; in their humanity and their narrative. It is so eager to do so, that at times it forgets that all the Arab states around us hold different standards: Brutal tyrants who rob their own people, justice systems devoid of justice, no free press and grave discrimination against women.


These standards also give rise to the terrible terror directed at Israel.


Leftist groups assume that Israel uses too much force. One wonders when they’ll have a chance to observe the states around us in order to understand the meaning of “force”; to see what Assad does when someone undermines him; what Gaddafi does; what’s happening in Yemen and in Iran.


The rocket attacks on southern citizens and the murder in Itamar are part of the same murderous Islamic sub-culture. The world is already starting to understand it. One wonders when Ms. Yaron from Machsom Watch will also get it.



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