Shai Levinhar - killed in 9/11 attack
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Families of Israeli 9/11 victims: Too little, too late

Families of Israelis killed in 2001 attacks say they are not comforted by bin Laden's assassination

The families of Israelis killed in the September 11 terror attacks aren't comforted by the knowledge that the head of al-Qaeda Osama bin-Laden has been assassinated.


Mostly they feel that he should have been assassinated a long time ago, before the events of 9/11 where 3,000 people were killed even happened.


Five Israelis were killed in the terror attack: Shai Levinhar, Hagai Shefi, Leon Libor, Daniel Levin and Alona Avraham. "If I feel anything it's disappointment that it took so long," Yehudit Levinhar, Shai's mother told Ynet.


"This is not a day of joy for me, it is a day that makes the pain feel sharper and take me back. I'm supposed to be happy? I'm mourning." She also expressed concerns over the possibility that "revenge attacks will occur and innocent people will be killed."


Shai was employed by a subsidiary of Cantor-Fitzgerald on the 103rd floor of the first building to be hit. His mother said that she isn't sure he would have felt joy over the act of vengeance.


"He would have felt sad that this had to happen and that this is what happens in the world today," she said.


Brigadier General Dov Shefi, father of Hagai Shefi who was also killed in the 9/11 attacks, feels that bin-Laden's assassination is a case of "too little too late." "What happened today prevented me from following my daily routine, I turned around, went to the cemetery in Yahud and cried their like a baby for an hour. I told him justice has been done, even if a little late."


Shefi, a former military prosecutor, said he felt no reason to be happy.


"There is no reason for joy, it's just a feeling of belated justice and not as Obama has said with pride that justice has been done."



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