Shaved head- fashion faux pas?
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Extreme right protest in Dresden (archives)
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Neo-Nazis undergo 'fashion makeover'

Radical right-wing activists give up shaved heads, tattoos, military boots for inconspicuous, mainstream look, making it harder for authorities to identify them, states report issued by Germany

Shaved heads and army boots – out; Innocent, trendy look – in. A report published over the weekend by Germany's Interior Ministry and General Security Services reveals the new "fashion trends" of neo-Nazis and warns that a growing number of extreme right-wing activists opt to abandon their traditional look in favor of a more inconspicuous style – making it harder for authorities to identify them.


"The fact that nationalistic groups stop wearing distinguishable clothing and accessories makes the identification process much harder.



"The traditional neo-Nazi look has become outdated. Radical rightists prefer donning the latest fashion trends, which conceal their extreme political views," the report, published by German newspaper Der Speigel, read.


Neo-Nazi protest in Germany (Archive photo: AFP)


According to the findings, out of some 25,000 German extremist from both the Left and Right political spectrum, a sharp increase in the number of neo-Nazis has been recorded in 2010, rising from 5,000 to 5,600.


Despite the alarming figure, the report also notes that a 14.5% drop in the number of neo-Nazi-related crimes was recorded during the same year.


The report also addressed the rise in the number of terror threats by radical Islamist groups, stating that "Germany has remained a target for Islamic terror groups; the vast amount of intelligence on potential attacks proves German interests are threatened both at home and abroad."


Data shows there are 29 Islamic organizations operating in Germany, with a total of some 37,000 activists.



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