Obama and Sarkozy -no more than gossip?
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Obama, talk is cheap

Op-ed: Instead of badmouthing Bibi, world leaders should take action against Israel

Anyone who still needed proof of the extent of the gap between the way Israel’s leaders perceive themselves and their actual global status got the little chat-between-friends of Obama and Sarkozy earlier this week.


As it turns out, with all due respect to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Iranian dreams, for the rest of the world Israel’s leader is not exactly a superman, but more like Pinocchio. Moreover, Israel at this time is viewed not as the solution, but rather, as part of the problem.


However, one is allowed to be disappointed by the level of the Obama-Sarkozy chat. “Netanyahu is a liar?” That’s the great insight? Who told you that, the CIA? After all, in order to hear that “Netanyahu is a liar” one does not have to eavesdrop on the leaders of the free world – you can just take a taxi in Tel Aviv.


Furthermore, as opposed to us Israelis, who between one election campaign and the next can mostly whine, or at most hit the streets with a megaphone, the concerned citizens Obama and Sarkozy have several means at their disposal that can truly change the situation.


If these leaders are truly sick and tired of Netanyahu fooling them – and it would be hard to blame them for that – they can go ahead and adopt practical steps in order to put an end to Israel’s international festival of lies. This is supposed to be within their abilities as leaders of the free world.


Indeed, they should leave the whining and badmouthing in respect to Israel’s prime minister to someone else. After all, they are the leaders of global powers, not columnists.



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