Photo: Haim Hornstein
No mention of dancer's origin (illustration)
Photo: Haim Hornstein
Israeli dancer dazzles Egyptians
As thousands protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square, two local television channels broadcast music videos of Israeli belly dancer around the clock
As thousands of Egyptians protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square, an Israeli belly dancer is starring on Arab television channels around the clock, including two Egyptian channels.


The two channels broadcast music videos 24 hours a day and can also be viewed in Israel. They recently began airing clips of Israeli belly dancer Orit Maftzir, who performs all across the world and produces the International Belly Dancing Festival in Eilat.


The channels note that the dancer's name is Maftzir, but fail to mention the fact that she is Israeli. She is accompanied by other Israeli dancers in the videos.


"It's amusing that while Tahrir is on fire, they continue to celebrate on their TV channels with an Israeli belly dancer," Maftzir said this week.



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