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Protecting us from Europe

Op-ed: Law banning European funding of NGOs has strategic importance for Israel

It is a pity that enlighten people (mostly in their own eyes) are resorting to exaggerated zeal and speaking out against the important bill proposed by Knesset Member Ofir Akunis that would ban donations from foreign states to Israeli non-governmental organizations.


This law can and should be polished and corrected, yet the essence is what’s important here.


Look at the Breaking the Silence organization, for example. What is the implication of the fact that this non-profit group lives off funds provided by European countries? Does it simply mean that Europe is helping an Israeli group? Not at all.


What this means is that Europe is lending a hand to smearing Israel in the world. It means that Europe is handing over large amounts of money to a bunch of Israelis who served in Hebron for a two and a half days during their military service, in order to provide them with an incentive, fund them, and make sure that they smear the actions of IDF troops in the most organized and methodical manner.


Notably, these IDF soldiers are undertaking their actions in order to safeguard the citizens of Israel.


And so, European states, via Breaking the Silence, Machsom Watch and other non-profit groups of this kind create a situation whereby it becomes impossible to understand the grave security reality in Israel, the distress of children in Sderot, and the Israeli fear of terror attacks.


Anyone who believes that such organized damage to Israel’s public relations effort constitutes anything less than a strategic blow, fails to understand the kind of world we live in.



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