Arrest of setters
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Blame it on the rabbis

Op-ed: Radical, violent settlers have been cultivated for many years by extremist rabbis

We should keep things in proportion: A bunch of religious nutcases do not threaten Israel’s very existence. After all, if the army really wishes to do so, it can embark on a Cast Lead-style operation against them which they won’t forget for many years to come.


However, the army is not a gang. It shows responsibility and restraint – even when these people produce smalltime provocations in order to divert attention away from the evacuation of outposts.


Should this phenomenon keep growing, there will be no choice and a clear rule will have to be formulated: Anyone who endangers the lives of IDF soldiers or damages military equipment will be characterized as an enemy and handled like an enemy – even if he happens to wear a kippa. Those who play with fire lose the right to complain about burns.


Yet there is no wonder this is happening. After all, these bad weeds are being carefully cultivated in the backyards of radical rabbis who have been poisoning Israel’s public sphere for long years with their nationalistic, dangerous and foolish ideas.


After all, for these rabbis the Torah and the Land of Israel are everything, while the State of Israel can be a fleeting episode as far as they’re concerned. And if a soldier intends to evacuate an illegal outpost tomorrow morning, harming him is permissible.


These righteous, unseen rabbis have been exposed for the miserable people they are. If they endorse the violent acts yet remain silent, they are cowards. But if they object to these acts yet fail to condemn them, they are even bigger cowards.


In any case, the rabbis already lost their traditional right to roll their eyes, play dumb and say: We didn’t know. If we know, you too know. And if you are missing out on the opportunity to show leadership precisely at a time when such leadership is needed more than ever, don’t be surprised if soon you’ll discover that you are no longer relevant.





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