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The problem with our media

Op-ed: Israel’s media outlets seem to be hopping from one issue to the next at dizzying pace

Israel’s media outlets would do well to stop for a moment and wonder about the intense coverage of female exclusion from Israel’s public sphere: Why now? What happened? Did the status of women in Israel suffer a sudden deterioration in the past month?


There is nothing wrong with activist media that lead an agenda, yet the problem with Israel’s media outlets is that it’s very difficult to keep up with them.


A few months ago, all of us were still preoccupied with thoughts on the terrible state of our relations with the United States, after that we were concerned about the diplomatic tsunami that was to arrive in September, and then it appeared that the social protest and the cost of living are the only problem in Israel.


While at it, there were some two weeks where it appeared that we were facing an organized assault against the rule of law, and later they made us understand that the only problem around here has to do with the silencing of journalists or something along those lines.


And now we have the exclusion of women.


Out of the blue, this serious and deep issue has turned into the only burning issue, one that must be handled at once, without a hint of understanding as to the workings of in-depth processes.


And in a week or so, once a new issue would be landing here, we shall all forget that women were ever excluded from the public sphere in Israel, and our girls shall return to the back of the bus.



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