Hanin Zoabi
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Punish Zoabi the traitor

Op-ed: Decision to close flotilla case against Arab MK Zoabi encourages our enemies

Prophet Isaiah did not know Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi, yet when he said that “your destroyers and devastators will depart from you” he was referring to her and those like her: Israelis who like to hate the country they grew up in.


I did not think that one of these days Zoabi would change her views; that’s too much to expect. After all, even the greatest miracle has some logic in it. However, I did think – or more accurately, hoped – that should Zoabi cross the lines blatantly, we would be able not only to stop her but also to punish her, in order to deter others.


Doesn’t a state have the elementary right to defend itself and its army of defense in the face of a poisonous snake that hides behind a rock and waits for the right time to attack? Does anyone out there still think that the self-described “peace activists” aboard the Marmara did not hold bats and arms, but rather, waved with flowers and cakes in their hands?


When Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein decided to close the case against the Israeli nationals who took part in the Gaza flotilla, where IDF soldiers were lynched, he granted a kosher certificate to anyone who wishes to harm the army.


This decision, which apparently stemmed from “legal and evidentiary difficulties,” tells all the enemies around us to rise up, attack us an butcher us – after all, we won’t hit back.


Recipe for warmongers  

In other words, we may end up being wiped off the face of this earth, because we helped our enemies destroy us. The “certificate of righteousness” we shall receive will be thrown into the mass grave to be dug for us. Zoabi and her comrades shall be dancing among the corpses once their mission is completed.


I do not object to justice, yet legal polemics regarding “the applicability of Israel’s penal code to outside offences” grants an accurate recipe to warmongers. Keep such and such distance from land and you shall emerge innocent and pure, like a baby who was just born.


Only a twisted imagination can predict the next step: The granting of citations to traitors who do it in broad daylight, as opposed to spies who act surreptitiously? Inviting Zoabi to light a torch in our traditional Independence Day ceremony?


“I’m not at all surprised by the closure of the case; it proves that my participation in the flotilla was a wholly political and legal act,” Ms. Zoabi declared. We can assume that she does not know the Talmudic verse whereby “the work of the righteous is done by others.” Another such righteous woman and we’ll be lost.



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