Israel turning into Iran?
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The Isra-Iranian bloc

Op-ed: Recent events suggest that Israel aims to neutralize Iran by becoming more like it

The official Israeli responses to the Iranian issue may create the disturbing impression that our government has no solution to the problem, with the exception of the suicide strike we keep hearing about.


However, it appears that behind the scenes and under the surface we are formulating a revolutionary plan to contend with the threat.


The recent escalation in “price tag” acts, the assault on the High Court of Justice, the harassment of moderate rabbi groups, the bill proposing limits on the funding of human rights groups, the law for greater compensation in libel lawsuits against the media, the removal of female faces from Jerusalem billboards and the objection to female singing in the IDF are not just domestic events in Israeli democracy’s goodbye party.


In fact, all of the above are part of a five-year plan for neutralizing the Iranian threat by turning Israel into Iran. If you can’t beat them, join them, while eliminating any fundamentalist motivation to harass us.


As we can see from the abovementioned examples, the Iranization plan is moving along at a nice pace, and the worst is still ahead of us. A few more years down this slippery slope and not only won’t we have a reason to quarrel with the Iranians, we would even be able to consider a merger.


The combination of two bearded, crazed nuclear powers is something that this world has not yet experienced. Let’s see it contending with the Isra-Iranian threat.


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