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Hagai Segal
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Israel will have to strike

Op-ed: Israel was formed to offer response to anti-Semitic madmen with nuclear ambitions

Should Iran manage to produce a nuclear bomb before being attacked, it will serve as a mathematical proof that Israel merely threatens but doesn’t act on its threats. After that, we shall not be able to deter any other regional madman ever again. All the madmen will say to themselves that if Israel allowed Ahmadinejad to develop a bomb, the Jewish State will allow anything else.


What’s worse: The madmen in Tehran will be convinced that even after they drop the bomb on us, Israel will be too scared to respond by implementing the Dimona option.


After all, we shall always have excuses for why not to act. A day after the bomb, we shall face immense international pressure to refrain from dragging the world into a nuclear confrontation. Domestically too, we shall hear the hue and cry of numerous panic promoters. At this time already, they are preoccupied with the formulation of nightmare scenarios pertaining to the thousands of Hezbollah missiles that will be landing here should we strike in Iran.


Indeed, every hint of international sanctions on Iran is immediately enlisted to the cause and joins the arsenal of arguments against an Israeli preventative strike.


The oil embargo declared by Europe this past week will only be applied in six months, assuming it will ever be applied, yet in Israel we already see the fans of inaction raising their heads. Strangely enough, they fear Nasrallah’s missiles more than they fear Ahmadinejad’s nuclear industries.


IDF can do it

Indeed, Nasrallah has many missiles, and so does Ismail Haniyeh, yet woe is on us if we allow them to determine the fate of an Iran strike. These missiles may explode here should the United States strike instead of Israel, yet they may also explode even if there is no strike. In any case, they are much less dangerous than the apocalyptic image attributed to them.


We shall apparently sustain some painful barrages, yet it will not constitute a grave blow, or even a semi-grave one. The residents of Sderot and Nahariya learned to live with missiles, and Central Israel residents will also have to suffer a little. Given the nuclear alternative, it won’t be a terrible disaster.


We can assume that Army Chief Benny Gantz and his people have already prepared for dealing with the Lebanon missile threat. It is less complex than the Iranian threat, and according to foreign sources the IDF is capable of coping with them simultaneously. After all, this was the purpose of establishing our military some 64 years ago. Our founding fathers prepared for precisely these types of scenarios when they vowed that Masada won’t fall again.


The Zionist enterprise is not an insurance policy against long-range rocket attacks, yet it is supposed to insure us against anti-Semitic rulers with nuclear hobbies. If President Barack Obama volunteers to act instead of us, that would be great. Yet should he fail to volunteer, we’ll have to act on our own.



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