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'Creeping rehabilitation of anti-Semitism in Western culture' (illustration)
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Australian TV show draws Jewish ire
Executive Council of Australian Jewry says Jewish characters on four-part series 'The Promise' displayed as 'variously cruel, violent and hateful.' Complaint dismissed by broadcasting authority
The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) saw a complaint filed with an Australian television broadcaster dismissed this week.


The ECAJ filed the 31-page complaint against makers of “The Promise”, a drama that follows the life of a British soldier and his granddaughter during the Palestine mandate.


In its complaint, the ECAJ argued that the Jewish characters on the four-part show are displayed as “variously cruel, violent, hateful, ruthless, unfeeling, amoral, treacherous, racist and/or hypocritical."


"The series shamelessly and persistently utilizes the anti-Semitic motif of the greedy Jew,” read the ECAJ complaint. “It is a landmark in the creeping rehabilitation of anti-Semitism in Western culture."


The Special Broadcasting Service, which dismissed the complaint, argued that “the ordinary reasonable viewer fully appreciated that 'The Promise' was a fictional drama and nothing more than that."


"The Promise" was broadcast in Australia in late 2011.


Reprinted with permission from Shalom Life



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