Funerals in Homs, Syria as killings continue
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Dead man walking? Bashar Assad
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West should strike Syria

Op-ed: Just like it failed to bomb Auschwitz, world is doing nothing in face of Syria massacre

Russia and China, Cinderella’s two evil sisters, are showing fake concern and managing to drive away the prince, yet another helpless man who would say “I tried, I really did,” while the corpses are piling up around him.


These evil sisters are protecting their tortured, suffering “sister” from being subjected to the global conscience, which went to sleep and has not woken up yet since World War II, when the allies debated whether to bomb Auschwitz.


And so, shamelessly, Russia and China are safeguarding a simple economic interest: As long as the foolish Assad needs arms in order to massacre his subjects, Russia and China will provide him with more and more bombs that would make the slaughter mission easier.


This arrangement is convenient for all sides: For the silent, defeated Western world, for the mass murderer in Syria, and for the interested parties on the other side of the globe, far away from the commotion.


While teaching history classes as a high school teacher, there was one question I was never able to provide a real answer for: How come the world knew but kept silent? The real answer, of course, is that it was convenient. However, my students, as students tend to do, did not settle for this answer and sought additional motives.


Assad a dead man walking

Forget about it, I told them. The world finds it convenient to cave in under the guise of diplomatic agreements finalized in air-conditioned rooms at the institution set up in the wake of World War II: The United Nations. I also explained that this body was established in order to put an end to wars between states and provide a platform for international dialogue.


Assad is a dead man walking, and one can already imagine his body hanging in the main square in the city of the aching, bleeding Homs. I pray that the idiot will let his young children flee before the masses butcher them as well.


A moment before it’s too late, Western countries must strike Syria. The cries of the wounded are resonating from the radio and the horrific videos are being aired on newscasts. However, the world continues to cling to the tradition of deafness and muteness – because it’s convenient; because there are a thousand other problems to deal with; because China and Russia used their veto.




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