Protesters at Cairo's Tahrir Square
Photo: AP

Why are the leftists silent?

Op-ed: Leftist groups quick to slam IDF, settlers, but say nothing when Arabs kill each other

Here is a case of leftist hypocrisy: The Arab Spring – do you still remember it? Do you still remember the freedom fighters who touched our hearts? And how about the Western hope for new Arab democracy?


The hope was so great, to the point where a general agreement took root to ignore all the worrying signs.


These signs included sexual harassment that extended all the way to rape attempts at Cairo's Tahrir Square, the looting on the streets, the military rule that took hold of Egypt, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country and elsewhere.


There was also the barbaric way in which former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was executed by his own people.


Then again, we are already well familiar with this trait, that is, the tendency to disregard such worrying signs. After all, this is not such a rarity when it comes to Israel's leftist camp.


I'm referring to organizations such as Breaking the Silence, as well as the other enlightened people who constantly level criticism at Israel's army and at the settlers.


How much criticism have you heard from these people and groups regarding the acts that Syrian President Bashar Assad and other Arab leaders are perpetrating against their own people?


And did these leftist freedom fighters become infuriated when more than 70 people were murdered at the end of a soccer game in Egypt?



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