Migron outpost

A dubious kosher stamp

Op-ed: If Israel chooses to legitimize illegal outposts, it should allow other offences too

The project aimed at granting a kosher stamp to Israel’s illegal outposts, as well as the clarification that this act is being undertaken by the State, is such a wonderful step that it would be a shame to limit such moves to the issue of land only.


If the practice of legitimizing such acts of wrongdoing has become a modern-day form of art in Israel, there is no reason not to use it in order to promote additional objectives that would surely improve our quality of life around here.


Just between us, this whole notion of upholding the law and preventing crimes is a Sisyphean matter that is wholly incommensurate with the freethinking Israeli spirit. On the other hand, we can go ahead and use the successful experience we gained in the settlement field for an overall revision.


And so, we can now replace the outdated policy of upholding the law with a new school of thought, which espouses the retrospective legitimization of wrongful acts.


For example: alongside the team tasked with granting a kosher stamp to the illegal outposts, we shall also establish a committee that will be tasked with legitimizing the illegal embezzlement of public funds.


We can also go ahead and inaugurate the inter-ministerial forum for vindicating those who committed robberies of elderly Israelis.


Later on, the Knesset will be voting on a bill that would see the legitimization of sexual harassment and the law for vindicating Israelis who commit illegal acts of murder.



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