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Roi Idan
Injured evacuated to hospital
Photo: Hertzel Yosef

Home Front Command: Avoid large gatherings of more than 500

Escalation in south leads IDF to release safety instructions to communities near Gaza Strip in case Red Color alert sounds, explosion heard

Following terror attacks targeting Israel's civilians on Friday, the Home Front Command released safety instructions to southern communities located within the 40 kilometer (some 24 miles) radius of the Gaza Strip. These instructions will remain in effect until 8 pm Saturday.


According to the IDF instructions, when an attack is recognized it is necessary to enter a safety area. Residents must avoid large gatherings of more than 500. These restrictions do not include smaller gatherings or shopping malls.


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When the Red Color alert is sounded or an explosion is heard, residents must do the following:


If you are indoors: Enter the room farthest from the direction of the threat, with the smallest possible number of outside walls, windows and openings; Close the door and the windows.


עובדים זרים שנפגעו מפונים אמש לבית החולים סורוקה (צילום: הרצל יוסף)

Injured in rocket fire taken to hospital (Photo: Hertzel Yosef)


If you are outdoors: Enter the nearest building and act according to the instructions for persons taking shelter indoors; In an exposed area – lie on the ground face-down and cover your head with your hands.


If you are traveling: Stop by the side of the road, leave the vehicle and enter the nearest structure or cover. If you are unable to reach a structure or shelter within the given period of time, lie on the ground face-down and cover your head with your hands. If neither of the above instructions can be complied with, pull over and remain inside the vehicle for the next 10 minutes.


מקלט ציבורי בב"ש - רק אם אין ממ"ד או מקלט בבניין שלכם (צילום: רועי עידן)

Bomb shelter in Beersheva (Photo: Roee Idan)


After 10 minutes, you may leave the protected area, unless another otherwise instructed. Stay clear of unidentified objects. Should you see a rocket lying on the ground, prevent gathering of bystanders and inform the security forces.


יירוט של כיפת ברזל מעל אשדוד (צילום: נחום)

Rocket intercepted in Ashdod (Photo: Nachum)


Defensive measures must be taken in the available time. Entering a building or a protected space is recommended for at least 10 minutes. Home Front Command instructions have proven to save lives. The instructions must be followed completely.


Due to the short warning time, it is important to establish in advance where you are going to take shelter during a rocket attack. As the first priority, choose a MAMAD (apartment protected space) or a private bomb shelter. If no MAMAD or private shelter are available, choose a protected room which complies with the Home Front Command guidelines.


Make sure all members of the household are familiar with your chosen protected space. It is important to select a protected space at any location you spend time in, to perform family preparations and to prepare an emergency bag. The protected space must be equipped according to the guidelines.


Further instructions are given via media sources and can be found at the Home Front Command website .




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