Bodies of Gaza terrorists
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Arab Knesset member: Jewish blood no purer

Emotions run high as Arab Knesset members accuse Israel of instigating Gaza fighting

Arab Knesset members slammed the government Monday, accusing it of instigating the latest round of fighting in the Gaza region and suggesting that Israel has little regard for Palestinian lives.


Speaking at a heated Knesset discussion, MK Jamal Zahalka directly addressed Minister for Home Front Defense Matan Vilnai, slamming Israel’s military operations in the Gaza Strip.


"Your army is killing in Gaza. There is no difference between Israeli or Palestinian blood. Israeli blood is no purer than Palestinian blood,” he said. “You’re pouring oil on the fire…those who sow hatred reap violence. You’re missing the goal of achieving peace and quiet, and you’re at fault for it.”


Meanwhile, MK Talab el-Sana accused the government of staging a provocation in Gaza, charging that" Israel brought the recent round of violence upon itself due to an unnecessary assassination."


‘Israel guilty of hypocrisy’  

MK Mohammad Barakeh also slammed the government, charging that Israel is being hypocritical in its operations vis-à-vis Gaza.


“What we have here is hypocrisy, when trying to play dumb or pretending to be a surprised victim,” he said. “By carrying out an assassination, one initiates escalation.”


"My heart goes out to the citizens of Gaza and Israel who are now paying the price for the Israeli government's actions,” he said. “Both the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas government in Gaza want to secure a lull in the fighting and are working towards it.”


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