Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Israel, land of absurd

Op-ed: Only in Israel, a prime minister who has done nothing is assured of another term in office

Only in the land of absurd, just 30 kilometers separate the sounds of music at Purim parties from the wailing horns urging southern residents to hide from yet another missile barrage. Only in the land of absurd, jets cut through the skies en route to yet another bombing, while on the ground the party never ends.


Only in the land of absurd, news reports on the radio start with blocked roads as result of too many travelers and other roads that are blocked because of the missiles.


The usual words are pulled out in cyclical regularity: Round of violence, rockets, iron dome, situation assessment, lull. Oh, how well trained we are. Possibly too well trained. So much so, that nobody asks anymore why nothing is happening vis-à-vis the Palestinians.


Nobody is asking, because yet another lull will be declared in a moment, the bogus calm shall return, and this aphetic government shall be able to go on and bury the diplomatic issue until the next round.


When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned from Washington, his people boasted a significant achievement: Removing negotiations with the Palestinians from the American agenda. “We did it! Now only Iran is on the table,” they said. So who wants to talk with Mahmoud Abbas and mess with Avigdor Lieberman now? Who knows, we could risk progress.


Total impasse

More was done even during Yitzhak Shamir’s government of paralysis. Yet with this government, there’s nothing. A total impasse. On the social front, they are giving the protest movement the finger, while raising the prices of oil, electricity and whatnot. On the diplomatic front there is no way, no plan and mostly no desire to advance anywhere.


The magic word, Iran, and the threats of war silence everything and allow this huge government to sink into a coma whose end isn’t in sight. Because only in the land of absurd, a prime minister in executive coma wins 37 Knesset seats in the polls and his next term in office seems assured.


Only in the land of absurd, we have a leadership that’s not worthy of its citizens. These are citizens who quietly sustained the sirens and coped with the horror without uttering a word, based on the understanding that they are soldiers in this war.


Because only in the land of absurd, a ceasefire means that the countdown to the next round has begun. You can count on them, nothing will be happening before that.


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