Ahmadinejad during visit to nuclear facility
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Iran sanctions useless

Op-ed: Sanctions are good solution in Western world, not vis-à-vis brutal Muslim dictators

While the parents, Bibi and Barak, continue to quarrel loudly in the bedroom so that we, the children, don’t hear them, Ahmadinejad is having fun at our backyard and continues to upset the entire neighborhood.


Islamic-Iranian fundamentalism has no eyes. It is blind to the difficult sights of millions of angry citizens who are fed up with the sanctions. For the Iranian regime, the readily available solution to the plight of young people hoping for a different future is a bullet to the head.


The Western world’s language is an economic language. Any child would tell you that the most painful sanction is depriving him of his allowance. Any teacher in southern Israel would tell you that the failure to pay his salary for a month is more likely to prompt a teacher strike than 100 missiles.


As piggish as it may be, Western capitalism is again proving its narrowing mentality in respect to grasping the ruling mentality of the little man possessing great madness; depriving his subjects of bread is the last problem that would bother him.


The Syria example

Just look to your left at the horrific sights in Syria. It appears no example is more relevant at this time. For six months now, Assad has been massacring his subjects with no interruption. It seems completely logical to him to keep flirting with women while under his nose we see the most terrible, unimaginable deeds taking place.


Ahmadinejad also didn’t quite lose sleep at night after the photographs of a protesting female student convulsing between life and death were published in the global media.


Economic sanctions are a superb solution for those who believe in the basic principles of democracy, such as accountability to one’s citizens, the holding of free elections and guaranteeing the basic right of human beings to make a living, speak up, or just express their views openly.


Ahmadinejad is equipped with food, arms and cash. On judgment day he will share these with his close associates and with some nuclear scientists who will be staying at the bunker with him, as Hitler did in the past. The cries of his people may indeed reach the heavens, yet the blind Ahmadinejad won’t see the horrors, as he always chose to do.





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