Migron outpost
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Barren land, Arab joy

Op-ed: Migron evacuation will leave behind wilderness, which was there before Jews arrived

The High Court of Justice ruling on the question of Migron concluded with the judges expressing their hope that the Palestinian petitioners would now be able to “enjoy the fruit of the verdict.” Yet that will not be happening.


The Palestinian petitioners will certainly draw great pleasure and enjoyment from the sights of destruction expected in Migron over the summer. However, their desire to take possession of the land won’t be satisfied. Even if the area is completely cleansed of Jewish settlers, no Palestinian would be able to replace them.


Why not? Because we are dealing with Area C of Judea and Samaria, which is under full Israeli control. In order to settle there by law, the Palestinian petitioners would have to prove their ownership of the site, yet for the time being they have failed to do so.


The land is considered private property and for that reason the settlers will be leaving it, yet the State of Israel rejects the notion that the petitioners are the real owners of the land. In fact, only recently the petitioners withdrew a civil lawsuit against the State after they had trouble proving their ownership. They were even required to pay for the legal expenses.


There is no way any of the petitioners would be building a home or planting an orchard there anytime soon. The complete wilderness that prevailed at the site before the Jews arrived will be taking root in the area after they leave. We shall see no home, tree, hothouse or even a flowerbed there.


No Palestinian settled in Amona after the nine homes there were razed in 2006, and Migron too shall remain deserted.


The Jewish residents of Migron were willing to pay plenty of money for the land, yet the Palestinian petitioners and their Jewish attorneys did not want money. They prefer to keep the hill in question desolate, so neither they nor us have possession of it.



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