Olmert and Halutz (L) during the Second Lebanon War
Photo: Reuters

The shameless duo speaks

Op-ed: Despite Lebanon War failure, Olmert and Halutz have nerve to slam current government

Their names are Ehud and Dan. I’m referring to Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz.


This past week, they were again in the news, for a brief moment. Halutz was asked in an interview by Yael Dan why the current government needs to go and provided a detailed, insightful answer: Because the time has come for the government to go. Those were his words, and he did not say anything beyond that.


Meanwhile, Olmert spoke with Channel 2 News and decisively objected to an Israeli strike in Iran.


I looked at these two figures, who managed one of the most failed wars in the State of Israel’s history, and wondered; two figures who embarked with horrifying arrogance on a war initiated by Israel, even though the military was not prepared and the country’s home front was not ready.


These are also the two figures who ordered the army to send infantry soldiers deep into Lebanese territory in the last day of the war, after a ceasefire date was already agreed upon, in what turned out to be a tragic decision that resulted in dozens more bereaved families in Israel.


I looked at them and wondered: In the name of what record, for heaven’s sake, are these two figures offering their advice to the Israeli government?





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