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Why Jews demonize Israel

Op-ed: Persecution complex prompts some Jews to align themselves with ill-advised partners

Why are some Jews willing to stand side by side with the Palestinians and demonize Israel? What motivates them to think that slicing up Israel is the way to resolve the conflict?


The answer to such questions goes to the heart of the Jewish psyche, within an historical context.


No other people come close to suffering as much persecution throughout history as the Jews. They were held in bondage in Egypt, exiled to Babylonia, conquered, persecuted and exiled by Rome, persecuted and exiled by the Crusaders, by England and by Spain. The Holocaust destroyed two thirds of Europe's Jews.


Having endured two millennia of being history's scapegoat, it should come as no surprise many Jews have been so deeply affected, they have developed a "persecution complex."


Most people, including Jews, view themselves and others as inherently "good," rather than "evil." However, when factoring in the persecution complex built into the DNA of many Jews, this becomes a game changer.


Having been ridiculed, exiled, tortured, discriminated against and killed for so long, Jews understandably prefer to be seen as making positive contributions to society. Indeed, Jewish contributions in the fields of medicine, technology, education, science, business, entertainment and so on are proportionately higher than any other group of people, by far.


The true underdog is Israel

The last thing Jews want is to be unjustly accused of doing to others what has been done to them. Sadly, some have taken advantage of this mindset. For example, how many times have you seen Israel compared to Nazi Germany, when it comes to the Palestinians? This is a vitriolic attempt at reverse psychology designed to label Jews as hypocrites.


No Jew wishes to be seen as persecuting a perceived underdog, or viewed as an obstacle to "peace, justice and reconciliation." Indeed, Jews have been leading advocates of these noble goals for generations.


However, when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, some Jews in their zeal to be considered champions of the "underdog" have either failed to realize or are unwilling to accept something quite important.


Those whose cause they are promoting have no interest in reciprocating. The Muslims are not going to extend their hands in gratitude if Israel turns over land to them for a state. They will not suddenly see Jews as their friends and willingly agree to peaceful coexistence with Israel.


Indeed, at this time Arabs live in a world where many parents, schools, political and religious leaders as well as the media have convinced them the Jews are responsible for all their problems.


What's tragic is that the Jews who are demonizing Israel are playing directly into the hands of people who will turn on them the moment their dream becomes reality. In reality, the actions of these Jews are a misguided attempt to endear themselves to others by taking up the popular cause of the "underdog," at times to their own detriment.


This is one of those times. While championing the underdog is noble, this is the wrong "underdog." The true underdog is Israel. Hopefully these Jews will realize this before it's too late.



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