Minister Gilad Erdan
Photo: Mark Israel Sellem

Cut off Gaza’s power

Op-ed: Minister Gilad Erdan’s proposal to cut off Strip’s electricity supply is logical, not racist

Many people are apparently unaware of the history of the past 20 years, and we can assume that they did not read the words written by Dennis Ross, Shlomo Ben Ami, Gilad Sher, Dan Meridor, Bill Clinton and others.


These people also did not hear apparently what Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak had to say about the six times where Israel offered a comprehensive peace agreement, which included the division of Jerusalem, but the Palestinians rejected it.


For that reason, these people are now happy to slam Minister Gilad Erdan and explain that he is a primitive, ignorant person for suggesting to cut off Gaza’s electricity supply in case of a power shortage in Israel. After all, the details are of no significance for these people.


So what if a local power plant in Gaza, which is supposed to provide about half of the Strip’s electricity supply, has been paralyzed in recent months because of a conflict between Hamas and Fatah.


So what if Hamas activists get extra electricity for free, and so what if Israel cannot assume responsibility for the injustice done by the Hamas government to residents of the Gaza Strip, just like Israel is not responsible for President Bashar Assad’s crimes in Syria.


So what if 4.5% of Israel’s electricity supply is directed to Gaza, a place that Israel left some seven years ago. So what if Israeli citizens were expelled from their homes in order to enable the Palestinians to live in Gaza under an autonomous government, a move that prompted rocket attacks on southern Israel residents.


So what if Minister Erdan brought an expert delegation from Gaza to Israel in order to learn about desalination, saving energy and other issues, and the Ministry he heads treats the environment as an issue that cuts across borders.


Why not blame him for racism when we can?



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