Sudanese migrants in Tel Aviv
Photo: Moti Kimhi

The truth about 'refugees'

Op-ed: African migrants threatening Israel's future with help of leftist groups, European governments

The most enlightened thing one can do is to embrace the children whose parents infiltrated into Israel on a cold night, but the time has come to take off the masks: The three Eritreans suspected of raping a 15-year-old girl are merely a minor prelude to what will happen here should we fail to regain our senses soon.


At this time already, some 40% of crimes in Tel Aviv are committed by these illegal aliens, and at this rate the millionth infiltrator will be arriving in Israel at some point. Did anyone say "demographic threat"?


Our pathetic desire to be enlightened is making us lose our minds. The "Israeli Children" NGO claims that Israel expels the children of foreign workers. But that's a lie – Israel expels the parents. The children go with them.


And here's yet another lie: The term "refugees." These are not refugees. We are dealing with people who are seeking a better life. Even according to the relevant UN convention, refugees are only considered as such in the first state they arrive in from their country – in this case, it's Egypt.


Leftists groups are also lying when they say that one cannot return to South Sudan because of mortal danger. South Sudan is 20 or 30 times larger than Israel. The dangerous zone there only comprises a tiny part of the land.


In Eritrea, by the way, a dictatorship rules and there is mandatory army service of 15 years. Most infiltrators are draft-dodgers; people who simply did not want to join the army. One can understand them, but this is not our problem.


High Court to the 'rescue'

Leftist groups petitioned the High Court of Justice, which forbade Israel to return infiltrators back to Egypt shortly after they cross the border, lest they be shot. Yet this constitutes dangerous self-righteousness. Had the Egyptians shot the first five infiltrators returned to them, the 500 waiting their turn would think twice about coming here.


Yet now they have an insurance police courtesy of the High Court; they know that even if they are nabbed, Israel will protect them.


Another law that the High Court banned because of a petition by leftist groups is legislation that would forbid employers to hire infiltrators. Until a detention facility is built (the State is currently trying to build it at your expense, at a cost of hundreds of millions of shekels,) such law is illegal.


The result of this is that the infiltrators are working, and their friends in Africa who hear about it are arriving here en masse.


Do you see what's happening here? European governments are handing over money to leftist groups that assist the infiltrators via the High Court. And what does Europe gain from this? That's obvious. Every infiltrator who arrives here is one less infiltrator who goes there.



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