Iran's Parchin nuclear facility
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Prepare for nuclear Iran

Op-ed: Just like nothing could stop Israeli determination, Iran will likely achieve its nuclear goals

Benjamin Netanyahu was roughly five-years-old when he played in the sandbox at kindergarten, and Ehud Barak was roughly 12-years-old and run in the orchards when David Ben Gurion, Professor Ernst David Bergmann, Shimon Peres and Emmanuel (Mannes) Prat gave birth to the State of Israel’s “deterrent power.”


They, and many others, built during a whole generation what “foreign sources” refer to as “the State of Israel’s nuclear facilities.” They, and many others, looked far into the future: During the days of austerity in the 1950s, when food supply was limited, they invested huge sums (relatively, of course) in order to safeguard Israel, a small island in the midst of a zealous Muslim and Arab ocean.


The story of how Israel’s “deterrent power” was built is among the most amazing in the history of the world: Plenty of resourcefulness, wisdom, ruses and tricks were utilized for long years. Only ignoramuses are convinced that such power can be built within days, weeks or months. Those in the know would tell you that they went through major crises, years of hard work, days of despair and hours of anxiety before completing the task. 


Use brains, not force  

Netanyahu and Barak were indeed children when all this took shape, yet during their tenures in the post of prime minister, defense minister and finance minister they learned two highly important lessons: First, if one is determined, nothing will stand in the way. Second, the State of Israel invested hundreds of millions of dollars in order to utilize every trick and achieve the ultimate result. So why should the Iranians behave any differently?


If the Iranians are determined and should they use their brains to fool the entire world, they will acquire a nuclear device. Nothing will stop them. According to currently available information, and the emphasis here is on currently, the Americans do not wish to find themselves entangled with the Iranians. Meanwhile, the Israelis, who keep yelling “hold us back,” know well that without America one cannot gravely hurt Iran, if at all.  


The conclusion, as things stand now, is as follows: Within some time, Iran will go nuclear and threaten world peace. It will most certainly threaten the State of Israel’s existence. Instead of thinking about utilizing force, maybe, just maybe, we should think about using our brains: How will the State of Israel exist and persist for years in the shadow of Iranian nukes? What should we say? What should we do? How will we survive in the midst of this hot lava?




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