Terrorists' coffins
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Israel’s insane gestures

Op-ed: Why do we return terrorist bodies, seek peace talks with anti-Semitic Arabs who hate us?

Had Adolf Eichmann been executed during Benjamin Netanyahu’s term, the Nazi war criminal would not have been burned and his ashes would not have been disposed of at sea. Instead, the body would have been preserved and handed over to the German president upon his visit to Israel, so it can be buried in Germany with full military honors.


Does this sound delusional? No more so than the ceremony where “President” Mahmoud Abbas and his top brass received the coffins of 91 terrorists who murdered more than 200 people; indeed, the bodies of these “martyrs” were saluted with wreathes and the firing of volley shots.


Yet there is one difference: Had the German president and establishment still viewed Eichmann as a national hero, he would not have been received here, and there would be no diplomatic ties with Germany.


So why haven’t we disposed of the ashes of the terrorists at sea? Why are we providing “holy places” for the ethos of Jew-hatred and murder, which has turned into the essence of their national existence? Who do we seek to make peace with, and what kind of peace can we expect of someone whose heroes are the murderers from Jerusalem Machne Yehuda Market (16 fatalities,) the buses in Beersheba (17 fatalities,) or Jerusalem’s Route 2 (23 fatalities)?


Does one make peace with enemies? Most certainly: With yesterday’s enemy, who was defeated or reconciled itself to one’s existence. Germany, for example. How, on the other hand, does one make peace with an enemy whose hatred keeps growing, here and now? With a “national band” that sings in their official media that “we have replaced our jewelry with weapons, this is the day of Jihad, squeeze the trigger”?


How does one make peace with those who name schools and kindergartens after Dalal Mughrabi, the commander of the Coastal Road terror attack where 37 people were murdered, 12 of them children? With a ruling party declaring that “the armed struggle is a strategy, not a tactic, for eliminating the Zionist presence”? With those who write textbooks that erase any sign of Israel’s existence?


What was Bibi thinking? 

How does one make peace with those who sentence countrymen who sell land to Jews to death, and who view the designation of the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel’s Tomb as Jewish heritage sites as a “grave provocation,” threatening to launch a religious war?


Had current-day Germany been as Nazi as “Palestine” is an anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist terror sponsor that denies Jewish existence, would we grant Berlin such “gestures?” When barely 10 people gather at Baruch Goldstein’s gravesite, Israeli media outlets are horrified. Yet what would they say had President Peres, as a gesture, placed a wreath on Goldstein’s grave in the presence of an IDF guard of honor?


And what was Prime Minister Netanyahu thinking when he decided on the “gesture” of handing over 11 terrorist bodies to Hamas in Gaza? And as to the rulers in Ramallah, if the intention was to revive the peace talks, then woe is on such peace, which is replete with wreathes and monuments for our murderers.


The “peace camp” has kept peace slogans to a minimum as of late, as not to humiliate itself. They prefer to play the bi-national state card and the risk of “losing our Jewish character.” The one who still beats the drums of peace is Netanyahu, who in a recent speech at the Institute for National Security Studies went back to the flower children of the ‘60s and to their song “Give peace a chance.”


He forgot that in the meantime, we buried some 1,500 peace victims, and that the Palestinian enemies are only willing to receive “peace gestures” from us of the type that sanctifies their war against us, such as the handing over of their terrorists for the purpose of a martyr’s burial. So to those who make decisions on our behalf I say: In what world are you living?



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