Olmert says he has no plans to go back into politics

When will Olmert return?

Op-ed: Nobody believes former PM's announcement that he will not be returning to politics

As far as his views on the state prosecutor are concerned, Ehud Olmert chose silence. He thinks that nothing good can come out of attacking the legal system. Despite fears in the political establishment about his imminent return, Olmert is still far from being there.


Olmert truly believes that he faced a conspiracy and was impeached not only by members of the prosecution, but also by his fellow politicians. Despite his announcement last week that he has no intention to return to politics, the motivation to reassume the post taken away from him prematurely is stronger than anything else.


Nobody in the establishment believes Olmert when he says he doesn't plan to return. The only disagreements have to do with the how and with the when. Olmert's close advisors say it won't happen anytime soon. He tells them that he is still far from that point.


In September, judges will hand out the verdict in the affairs they ruled on last week. Olmert's associates estimate that the prosecution will aim to paint his conviction in dark colors, in order to slap moral turpitude on him.


Question of turpitude


The question is what kind of turpitude it would be: The kind that comes with a prison term or community service, which would neutralize Olmert, or a lighter case that does not impose any limitations and would allow him to run in the next elections.


It's hard to see Olmert being slapped with the former. There is no precedent for such punishment in a breach of trust violation. Should the latter scenario prevail, Olmert would theoretically be able to immediately embark on a campaign to return to politics.


This is theoretical, because there is still a case being heard by the courts in regards to the Holyland affair, where Olmert is accused of taking a bribe. His close associates say that in this affair he will ask for a hearing, it's not yet clear when, either before the testimony of the key witness ends or after it.



Yet one thing is certain, they say: There will be no return to politics before all the suspicions against Olmert will be cleared.


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