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The truth about migrants

Op-ed: Illegal migrants must be returned to their homelands in order to save Jewish state

The ongoing series of rapes and muggings committed by illegal African migrants in Israel have inadvertently revealed serious flaws in the thinking of those in charge of the "Jewish State." Like a building whose structure rests on rotten foundations, so a country with weak leadership will eventually crumble into dust.


The recent complaints by Meretz Chairwoman Zahava Gal-On and Peace Now head Yariv Oppenheimer regarding what they claim to be incitement against the illegal aliens flooding into Israel highlight how the international Left has abandoned its own founding principles and become the foe of those it was originally supposed to protect; namely, the weaker segments of society and the laboring masses.


Leftist parties worldwide have become the champions of large-scale Third-World immigration of both the legal and illegal variety. Whether the country in question be Israel, Sweden or Ireland, the rhetoric is always geared towards emphasizing alleged bigotry in the host society as opposed to the suffering of the native poor and the working classes who must bear the brunt of the foreign influx.


Occasionally there are deliberate attempts to downplay the true extant of immigrant crime. In the Australian state of Victoria, for example, former police commissioner Christine Nixon claimed that "Sudanese people represented only 1 per cent of the criminals her force deals with."


It was later revealed that the commissioner grossly underrepresented the actual level of criminality among Sudanese migrants. According to reporter Sally Neighbour "Victoria's then police commissioner Christine Nixon denied there was a problem, although Vicpol's (The Victoria police) statistics suggested young Sudanese were being arrested at roughly four times the average rate."


Neither Mrs. Gal-On nor Chairman Oppenheimer have to deal directly with the consequences of their irresponsible words. The weaker segments of Israeli society don't have the luxury of returning home to their comfortable residences after a day of self-righteous speechifying in the Knesset or at a pro-immigration rally. They do, however, have to deal with the daily threats of rape and violence that have become routine in their immigrant-inundated areas. No self-declared defenders of human rights will hold rallies on their behalf. The charge of "racism" is a sideshow tactic to distract from the real nature of the situation: The right of a state to preserve its national integrity.


The toleration of the endless human tide also makes Israel a far less attractive place for Jews to settle. A country that is already bedeviled by an internecine conflict with the Arabs doesn't need to add inner-city wars with Africans to the list of its woes. Perhaps even the most intrepid of Zionists would think twice about immigrating to a "Jewish State" where most new-comers are now Muslims from Eritrea and the Sudan.


The presence of these "new olim" also makes a mockery of Israel's claim to legitimacy vis-à-vis the Arabs. The idea of Zion as the cradle of the Jewish people and the reborn Hebrew Commonwealth doesn't square well with the explosive growth of a non-Jewish immigrant population, comprising both the African illegals as well as foreign workers from places such as Thailand.


Bribing migrants a failure

The attempt to bribe the immigrants to leave through payments to each returnee has been a total failure. The West German government first tried such a scheme in the mid 1970s in an attempt to rid itself of the "guest workers" who had initially come to that country during a happier economic period. Then as now, most migrants chose to remain in their new home rather than return to their places of origin. Other countries, such as France, have also used payoffs as a magic bullet to free themselves of their unwanted guests. In no case has this plan resulted in success. Regardless, immigrants should not be economically rewarded to leave a county they entered illegally in the first place.


Interior Minister Eli Yishai has indicated that mayors who provide employment to infiltrators will be fined. This is a small start, but it may simply result in an increasingly hostile foreign population without work. If they remain in Israel and can't earn a living, crime and the black market will provide more viable fiscal alternatives to an ever growing percentage of individuals. Tent cities are also a recipe for failure. The Israeli tax payer shall have to foot the bill while each alien is fed and clothed while awaiting ejection.


Meanwhile, leftist groups will sue the government for "human rights violations," rent-a-mob protestors will march and denounce the iniquities of detention centers, the world press will have another "crime" of which to accuse Israel, etc etc.


The only solution is an orderly eviction overseen by the government. The infiltrators should ideally be repatriated to their native lands via chartered planes and ships. The deportations could be done on a city by city basis instead of all at once, starting with the largest concentrations first. It is of vital importance that the government pursue the objective of deportation with a firm will and not wilt under the critical gaze of foreign and domestic pressure groups.


The longer the Africans stay in Israel, the harder it will be to remove them. As immigrant numbers swell, the logistics involving their eviction will become more and more difficult to implement. If and when such an undertaking is finally made, the possibility of serious riots erupting must be taken into consideration. The functioning of cities could be brought to a screeching halt.


The recent African riots in Canton, China, in which 100 demonstrators (out of an estimated city-wide immigrant population of 200,000) were able to snarl traffic for two hours shows in part what could await Israel in the near future. Israeli Arabs might well take advantage of these disturbances in order to launch their own urban revolt. In other words, political blindness might have far-reaching consequences.


The illegal immigrants are an existential threat to the very survival of the state. It is imperative that they be returned to their homelands. The government of Israel must not fiddle while Tel Aviv burns.



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