Netivot - 1,676 new units
Yeruham - 935 new units
Over 1,000 new units
Photo: Amos Brandeis

South gets 4,100 new housing units

Netivot, Yeruham and Rahat housing plans will include single home, multiple home and affordable housing options

The National Housing Committee for the Southern District on Sunday approved a plan that would see 4,100 new housing units constructed in Netivot, Yeruham and Rahat.


Within the framework of the "City Gate" plan which is being promoted by the Netivot Municipality, some 1,676 residents will soon receive new housing units that will be constructed throughout the city.


The units will include 1,218 multi-residential units and 458 single home units where 121 of the single home units will be no larger than 75 square meters. The plan has already passed the public objections stage and is now awaiting validation in order to go ahead.


Meanwhile, the Netivot Municipality and the Israel Land Administration have completed the marketing process for two additional new neighborhoods in the city – with a total of 2,000 new housing units.


This means that over the next few years the city will see a total of 3,600 new housing units. Israel Land Administration Director Benzi Lieberman said that "Populating the two new neighborhoods will be a dramatic turning point for the city's size and will in fact double the number of residents in the city and give it a significant boost of 8,000 new residents."


In Yeruham a plan for 935 new housing units in the city's southern neighborhood has also been approved and is now awaiting the public objections stage.


It is being promoted by the Yeruham Economic Development Corporation and the Israel Land Administration, is based on the Yeruham lineation plan and integrates with the plan's new construction plan.


The plan includes 578 multiple-home units in various sizes but with 20% of the units at a size of no more than 120 square meters and will be purpose built for affordable housing.


The plan also includes 352 single home units that will include cottages and 'Self-Build' plots. A plot has been set aside for smaller apartments.


Schools and commercial areas are included in the plan as well as roads serving the new neighborhoods and connecting them to the existing layout. The administration said that the housing units are intended for military personnel and affordable housing.


According to Lieberman, the plan means an increase of 30% in Yeruham residents which currently number 9,400.


Two plans have been approved in the Bedouin city of Rahat: Expansion of 'Neighborhood Two' by an additional 134 units and constructing 1,355 new housing units in 'Neighborhood Six.'


The 'Neighborhood 6' expansion is part of the Bedouin settlement plan and includes plots in various sizes, and for the first time – will also include 3-4 floor multiple housing units. Public institutions and schools are also part of the plan.


Now that the plan has been approved, the authority for regularization of Bedouin settlement in the Negev is already hard at work on an additional housing plan that would see 4,000 units constructed in the area in a bid to address natural growth and housing shortages in the area.



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