Eliyahu Winograd
Photo: Alex Kolomoisky

Winograd: Iran strike endangers Israel's future

Former Supreme Court judge, who headed inquiry into Second Lebanon War, levels harsh criticism at Netanyahu, Barak over their seeming enthusiasm to strike Iran despite US' apprehension

Judge Eliyahu Winograd, who headed the State commission of inquiry into the Second Lebanon War, voiced his objection to an independent Israel strike on Iran. 


In a Sunday interview with Army Radio, Winograd said that mounting a military offensive on Iran's nuclear facilities sans the United States' support would "risk Israel's future."


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Winograd leveled harsh criticism at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak's assessment of Israeli casualties in the event of war with Iran, saying: "No more than 500 killed? How do you know? Did you already count?


"We trust Netanyahu and Barak and 'what they say goes'? Is that how it's going to be? I'm not familiar with their considerations, but their (statements) are extremely irresponsible."


The former Supreme Court justice continued: "The chiefs of the entire defense establishment – Shin Bet and Mossad chiefs past and present, Military Intelligence – they all oppose a strike but Netanyahu and Barak alone will decide?


"With all of the dangers, with everything else going on, stop and think – could there be another solution? Maybe we should wait a little and have the Americans say 'Let's mount a joint operation'? And in the meantime the sanctions are working."


As for the prime minister statement that he will assume responsibility for such an operation, Winograd remarked acerbically: "(…) Yes, that's a great comfort to me."


He also warned that Iran will not hesitate to unleash its full missile arsenal on Israel: "Not only will it fire, it may enlist the help of Hezbollah and Hamas… We can look forward to missiles raining from all directions.


"I don't know who ready we are. According to the media, the home front is far from ready."


Winograd continued: "Netanyahu is doing too much talking. What is that good for? You're planning an operation? Sit down, shut up and plan it quietly. If you're planning a strike – strike, but why talk about it? So that the Iranians can be better prepared? I don’t understand."


Winograd presided over a series of political and defense-related commissions of inquiry, before and after heading the one of the Second Lebanon War.



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