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'90210' star blasted over Israel visit
Shannen Doherty's announcement on Twitter that she'll be traveling to Jewish state next week met with attacks from pro-Palestinian activists
"Beverly, Hills 90210" star Shannen Doherty announced on Twitter that she'll be traveling to Israel next week. The announcement was met with attacks on Doherty's twitter page from the BDS (boycotts, divestments and sanctions) movement.


Doherty, who amazingly looks more beautiful at 41 than she did at 21, replied to the attacks on Twitter by posting, "Lol ok political activist... Try not judging and realizing that other cultures and the study of them, provides insight."

שאנון דוהרטי מבשרת על בואה בציוץ

Doherty announces her arrival on Twitter


Doherty is just one of several celebrities whose recent travel announcements to Israel were followed by verbal attacks on Twitter by the BDS movement and other pro-Palestinian organizations.


Sometimes the attacks fall on deaf ears, such is the case with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who are scheduled to perform in Israel on September 10. Other times the celebrities cancel their trips, such as Elvis Costello, who cited politics as his reason, and Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, who also caved under political pressure.


Based on Doherty's tweets, it looks like the star will stick with her travel plans, even announcing that she might also be traveling to Russia soon, fully prepared for whatever backlash the twitter sphere might throw at her:


"I'm also possibly going to Russia in a few weeks, so prepare now for your angle on that trip..."


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