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God owns cannabis patent

Op-ed: Moshe Feiglin says legalization of light drugs supported by Jewish message of freedom

Many people were surprised when I expressed my support for the legalization of medical cannabis and the light drug market. The issue became a top priority for me when my father was treated during his most difficult time by a man-angel, Dr. Johnny Greenfield. When I heard that the health system was abusing him because he prescribed medical cannabis to terminally-ill patients, I defended his actions.


In any case, everyone is wondering how a kippah-wearing settler such as myself supports the legalization of medical marijuana. Personally, I don't even take headache pills. When my head hurts I drink water and go to bed. I am only addicted to the endorphins my body releases when I ride my bicycle through the Shomron mountains early in the morning.


I believe that being a Jew means being free. The whole Jewish message is a message of man's freedom – slavery only to God and not to any human regime. This is why I support reducing legislation in general, granting broader autonomy to the average citizen, reducing the State's authority, annulling religious laws, shutting down the Israel Land Administration and returning State-owned lands to their rightful owners – the people of Israel. I will fight against any violation of the people's right to live their lives as they see fit.


I believe in freedom, and this is why I support the legalization of medical cannabis and light drugs. After appropriating authorities that were once in the hands of the family and the community, the State began getting mixed up in all sorts of laws that it cannot even monitor. In my liquor cabinet I keep a dangerous drug called Johnnie Walker, which I save for special occasions. In the beginning of the 20th century the Americans tried to ban this "drug," but the mafia profited most from this initiative. So who can prevent my children from consuming this drug, which is not locked in any safe? Their parents, that's who. And when parental authority is challenged – no law will help.


להיות בן חורין, גם בשימוש בקנאביס  (צילום: index open)

Being a Jew means being free. Marijuana


Most of those who suffer because of their drug use do not suffer from the drugs themselves, but from their links to the underworld, the use of dirty needles and other dangers related to drug use. I wish to stress that I believe drug use is a very bad habit, but when everything is illegal then everything becomes permissible – and it is the mafia that benefits most from this situation. The real solution is granting more autonomy to the individual, also with regards to the issue of drug use. You want to smoke hashish? Go buy some at the pharmacy. The State will explain why it is bad for you, just as it explains why cigarettes are bad for you, but it will not intervene.


The issue becomes far more critical when medical cannabis is involved. You have to be terminally ill or contract a certain type of disease for the State to allow you to consume a drug that God gave us for free. This may be one of the reasons why marijuana is illegal. God owns the patent on cannabis, and the large pharmaceutical companies do not appreciate such an intervention in their market and exert their influence accordingly. I know a woman who is forced to visit hostile villages to buy cannabis mixed with God knows what for her son, who suffers from shell shock and severe migraines but is not eligible to receive the only drug that can actually help him.


Don’t let the State convince you that if you are liberated everything around us will collapse. On the contrary, things will be great here if the citizens are set free.


Moshe Feiglin is the head of the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction of the Likud party.



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