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Mohammad Barakeh
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Mohammad Barakeh reelected Hadash chairman
Presiding chairman to continue for another term; MKs Swaid, Khenin named for second, third slots. Barakeh: We're ready to topple dangerous rightist government
Hadash's Central Committee chose its list for the Knesset on Saturday, via an open vote. MK Mohammad Barakeh was reelected as the party's chairman, while MK Hanna Swaid was elected for the second spot on the list. MK Dov Khenin was voted number three on the list.


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Many party members expressed their disapproval with the open vote, saying that the system was infringing on their freedom of choice.


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Both Barakeh and Swaid said that they will retire from the Knesset two years into their term, and will be replaced by either women or the party's younger candidates.


"Starting tomorrow, we will continue our efforts towards our main goal. Until today we were busy arranging the party, and we are now prepared to take down the dangerous right-wing government… We will soon become a major player in the political arena and the Knesset," Barakeh said.


The party also voted down a bid to secure spots for women on the party's Knesset list, by a 79% majority.



Another female member of the central committee said: "The vote against securing a spot for women is highly disappointing. Unfortunately the party doesn't support women; it's time for women to have a bigger role in the political arena, however the results showed us that at the end men always win."


Party secretary-general Aiman Uda lost h bid for the second slot on the list, but was voted for the sixth slot. "Hadash will remain the strongest party either way, and I will keep doing everything I did before," Uda told Ynet.




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