Iron Dome system in action. Heavy blow to Hamas
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Eitan Haber
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Who needs a victory shot?

Op-ed: What image do our political, military leaders need to satisfy Israeli population's desire for a military victory?

Who is behind the nonsense about "a military achievement to end the battle"? Who is looking for the proper "victory image" for Operation Pillar of Defense, which is still going on in full force as we speak? What is all this jabbering about?


The Zionist Movement, in its different forms, has been in a state of war with the Palestinian people for more than 120 years now. The 1929 riots, the War of Independence, the Six-Day War and a host of names for each operation, action and battle. The names are the only thing that changes.


Pillar of Defense is also part of that war, which will likely not end soon. As such, it has already recorded some achievements: The execution of the Hamas military chief, direct hits on Hamas centers and the interception of rocket barrages with the Iron Dome system.


Then why do we need a "victory shot"? What "victory image" do our political and military leaders need in order to satisfy the Israeli population's desire for a military victory?


The State of Israel is surrounded by more than 200,000 missiles and rockets. The Arab countries around us, and the Palestinians, have learned their lessons from the past: They cannot overpower the Israeli Air Force. They have also learned another thing, most likely following the first Gulf War: The civilian population is vulnerable, and responds with extreme mood swings.


In accordance with these understandings, Arab countries and terror organizations have armed themselves with an incredible amount of missiles and rockets. But the IDF's actions this week have led the Arabs to a new insight: A combination of excellent intelligence and an outstanding Air Force can neutralize a significant part of the rocket and missile threat. The Iron Dome defense system adds to the heavy blow they suffered.


Pillar of Defense is just another chapter in Israel's book of wars. In two months or two years time, if not earlier, the situation will repeat itself: Once again they will try to strike us with missiles, once against the Air Force will embark on its missions, and once again Iron Dome batteries will rise to neutralize the threat.


This is our life here, in the "villa in the jungle," as Defense Minister Ehud Barak once said. There is no need for any "victory image." It will be more than enough if Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, whose army has done a very good job this week, says today or tomorrow that this stage is over. To be continued, unfortunately.




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