Fire in Jenin

Watch: Palestinians hang on to IDF jeep in Jenin

Video shows Palestinian youths riding on top IDF jeep, trailed by dozens of stone throwers, surrounded by burning tires; no injuries reported

VIDEO - Dozens of stone throwing Palestinians chased, and even climbed on top of an IDF vehicle exiting Jenin at the end of an operation to arrest suspected terrorists in city. The IDF claimed that the incident took place as part of a recent wave of rioting in the West Bank.


Palestinian youths on IDF jeep

Palestinian youths on IDF jeep


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In a video shot by Palestinians, a burning tire can be seen as well as Palestinian youths hurling rocks at two other IDF vehicles. Afterwards the video shows a third IDF vehicle arriving at the scene with at least four Palestinians hanging on to it, with one of them on the vehicle's roof. The vehicle, which is travelling slowly, is trailed by a mob of Palestinians, some throwing stones.


An IDF official said in response to the video: "The vehicle was bullet proof; stones can barely scratch it, so why stop (the vehicle) and endanger soldiers' live because of such a riot?


"Even if it doesn’t look good, it is better than a soldier shooting and killing a protester, which could ignite the entire region," he said.


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Another IDF source said, "No forces retreated in today's (Thursday's) operation. The operation near Jenin was carried out to the tee. This is the type of operation we carry out regularly in Judea and Samaria, during the daytime as well.


"We sense a shift of sentiment on the ground, maybe because of economical factors, maybe because of security factors, but we have yet to see the Palestinian security forces stop functioning. The level of cooperation has remained high and good.


"It is true that during Operation Pillar of Defense there was a slight increase in these types of incidents, however it is too early to say whether the security apparatus will stop functioning," the source said, adding that the IDF considers Tuesday's operation in Tamoun "very successful" despite the riots that raged during and after the operation.


Operation gone bad or according to plan?

The forces in question are Border Guard forces that entered the city during the day with the intent of arresting a senior terrorist who posed an immediate threat.


However, on arrival, forces found the house empty and the man nowhere to be found.


Meanwhile, the forces had been surrounded by some 500 Palestinians, who began throwing stones from all directions. Additionally, Molotov cocktails and burning tires were thrown in the soldiers' direction.


The combat forces came prepared for violent disruptions and responded with riot control equipment; with the help of backup forces they managed to leave the city unharmed.


An IDF source said: "IDF forces work in full and round the clock cooperation so as to promise security and stability, and will continue to do so in an attempt to halt terror."


מהומות בכפר טמון, אתמול (צילום:  AFP)

Riot in Jenin, earlier this week (Photo: AFP)


Palestinian sources said that it was the Border Guard's Mista'arvim unit – the corps' elite counter-terrorism unit - that was backed up by IDF forces which entered the industrial area in the city.


According to the Palestinians, the forces imposed a siege on a few factories in the area and eventually arrested one person. In wake of the arrest, clashes between Palestinian youths and the forces ensued.


During the clashes one Palestinian was wounded from rubber bullet fire. Palestinians additionally noted that the army forces used dogs as well.


Itamar Fleishman contributed to the report



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