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Complaint: Eshel photographed other female PMO employees
Disciplinary complaint against senior PMO official reveals Netanyahu's former chief of staff took improper photos of more than one female employee

A disciplinary complaint filed against a senior official in the Prime Minister's Office revealed that Benjamin Netanyahu's former Chief of Staff Natan Eshel shot photographs of additional office employees other than R'.


The complaint was filed by the Civil Service Office against Ezra Saidoff, deputy director general in the Prime Minister's Office and an associate of Netanyahu, for perusing Natan Eshel's Iphone, looking at the employees' photographs and showing them to Netanyahu's secretary.


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According to the complaint, Saidoff received Eshel's Iphone for repairs. He allegedly took the device, turned it on, looked at the photographs stored in the device, including photographs of female employees, and then showed the photographs to the prime minister's secretary.


Saidoff is accused of a breach of privacy, but the complaint may also reopen the Eshel affair, as Saidoff will be required to explain what he saw on the photographs, how many employees were shot and who  they were.


Eshel, formerly Netanyahu's strongman at the Prime Minister's Office, resigned from his position after admitting in a plea bargain to improper behavior toward subordinate R'.


In the plea-bargain, Eshel was accused of breaching R's privacy by using her computer without her consent, giving private information on her to various sources in the office and taking inappropriate photographs of R' on various occasions.


Eshel committed not to return to the State's service, but claimed his commitment does not entail renouncing public and political positions.


Eshel refused to comment. No comment was received from the Prime Minister's Office either.



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First published: 02.10.13, 21:09
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