'The Gatekeepers'

Gatekeepers in love

Op-ed: Israel's existential war caused Shin Bet chiefs to gradually identify with Palestinian version of justice

During his testimony before the Jerusalem District Court last week, former top IDF Intelligence official Brigadier General (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser declared that the Shin Bet security service "fell in love" with the Palestinians. Kuperwasser wasn't referring to a new infatuation, but he apparently deciphered the mental process the organization had gone through over the past generation.


His testimony explains, to some extent, the shocking remarks made by former Shin Bet directors in the Oscar-nominated documentary "The Gatekeepers." One of them compared the IDF to the Germans, no less.


Could it be that the Shin Bet has fallen in love with the Palestinians? Unfortunately, this is very possible. Of course, we are not talking about romantic love, but of a moral love. Senior Shin Bet officials suffer from a sort of reverse Stockholm syndrome, which causes people who are kidnapped to identify with their abductors. The Sisyphean existential war against the enemy has weakened their belief in the justice of our path and led them to gradually sympathize with the enemy's version of justice.


The numerous heart-to-heart talks with Jibril Rajoub over the years caused them to forget Israel's strong historic connection to Judea and Samaria. Israel is not controlling the West Bank because it suddenly had an attack of greed and coveted the real estate there - like the British in India and the French in Algeria – but because of an ancient spiritual connection. Moreover, Israel has no choice but to control the area due to security concerns.


The most popular book in the world, as well as archeology, indicate that our forefathers lived in Hebron many years before Mahmoud Abbas' forefathers lived there. The problem is that some of the external characteristics of Israel's control in the West Bank are similar to the characteristics of occupation, because sometimes there is no other choice but to use force. These similarities can exhaust and mislead even the heads of the Shin Bet.


For years the Shin Bet heads made the Palestinians "sing" in interrogation rooms. Now they are singing Palestinian songs.



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