Snow and Lohan lock lips

Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend: She supports Israel

In exclusive interview with Ynet, 'City of the Sun' guitarist Avi Snow, an Israeli, says his Hollywood actress girlfriend 'has only good things to say about Israel, plans to visit'

Rumors that troubled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has been dating Israeli guitarist Avi Snow of the rock band "City of the Sun," have been circulating for about a week, but a photo of the couple locking lips at a club in Santa Monica, California made it official.


"(Lohan) arrived late, just before the band went on," an onlooker said. "She was kissing Avi passionately in the corner of the club - then the band went onstage."


In an exclusive phone interview with Ynet on Wednesday, Snow said, "Until the photos were published I did not know we were together; it's very new."



Snow, 24, was born in the US and made aliyah to Israel at age 15. Following his IDF service in a Paratroopers Brigade unit, Snow began working as a security guard, and then decided to travel to the US, where he remained.


"We met through mutual friends, but at first we were just friends," he told Ynet from New York. "With time it developed. It does not thrill me that much that I'm dating Lindsey. I'm dating her because she is a great girl," Snow said in a heavy American accent. "


Does she know you're Israeli?


"Of course. She has only good things to say about Israel. She supports us and even told me she plans to visit Israel."


לינדזי לוהן באחת מהגיחות שלה לבית המשפט (צילום: AP)

'One of our biggest supporters.' Lohan (Photo: AP)


In the past she had an Israeli girlfriend. Did she mention her to you?


"Yes, as soon as she understood I was Israeli she told me about her Israeli girlfriend. A woman named Eilat Anschel. I only know who she is because Lindsay told me about her."


According to the rumors, your relationship is serious. Doesn’t her provocative and wild image bother you?


"Look, it's not as though Lindsay has not made mistakes, but we all do. A lot of her image is the media's fault; they need to sell it in order to sell papers. Not everything people hear or read about Lindsay is true. Lindsay is really a great girl, otherwise I wouldn't be dating her."


הישראלי החדש שלה. לינדזי לוהן ואבי סנו (צילום: splashnews)

'Lots of fun.' Snow and Lohan in the club (Photo: Splashnews)


Cynics may accuse Snow of pulling a brilliant publicity stunt, but he gives off the impression of someone who is not really interested in show business or in becoming an overnight celebrity.


"We don't really pay attention to the paparazzi. I never planned on dating Lindsay Lohan; it just happened," he told Ynet. "Seeing my name in the headlines mostly amuses me, but I do not read (the gossip columns) and it does not do anything for me."


Snow has already met Lindsey's mother. "I don’t think she minds that I'm Jewish or Israeli," he said. "Actually, I don't think it bothers anyone that I'm Jewish and Israeli."


Since you have already met Lindsey's mother, we can assume that it's serious and that you've been to Lindsey's apartment.


"Yes, I've been to her apartment in New York, but I won't say anything more."


להקת City of the Sun. אבי סנואו מימין

City of the Sun (Snow on the right)


Last week, a source confirmed to E! News that Lohan, who is expected to enter a rehabilitation center in accordance with a court order, and Snow have been together for a few weeks.


This is not the first time Lohan has been linked to an Israeli. About three years ago she had a relationship with Eilat Anschel, who had just completed her IDF service. TMZ reported at the time that Anschel and Lohan started out as friends, with the young Israeli woman serving as a "shoulder to cry on" for the actress during her times of crisis. "Then things just evolved," the website said.



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